The only intimate walking tours with a born and raised parisian through the past and the present of the authentic Paris.

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Join my tours to discover Paris differently !

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556916_537128749632036_1349700746_nYOU LOVE IT PRIVATE ?

Explore all of Paris in style! In the company of a fun, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and personable Parisian.

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Fun cooking at home with a Parisian! A fun, hands-on, and different food experience, in the home of a food-lover.

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Taking a walking tour with a native Parisian is the way to enjoy the city of lights! I’m a passionate and professional guide who will show you what the others don’t. The love of my city is endless and I’m eager to share it with you to the hidden places that we keep for ourselves…Easy booking! Drop me an email or a call to sign-in or tell me more about your needs and I’ll custom build a tour for you!



I am Bertrand Philippe, your city guide. I cultivate two passions in life : art and history. I was born and raised in paris, right near the Trocadero. After some years as an expat in Southern California, I relocated to my hometown and turn myself into a city guide to share with you my love of Paris. Always looking for new stories to tell, new places to show and new hangouts to recommend, no one knows Paris better than I do!