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From the Palais Royal to the Grands Boulevards: the French Revolution and the emerging bourgeoisie. Through the covered passages and galleries of the city, ancestors to the malls, an insider hidden circuit in the fashionable and industrial Paris from the late 1700’s to nowadays. Marvelous and incredibles, the eccentrics of the early 1800’s getting a revenge on the revolutionaries , the learning of democracy after centuries of absolute monarchy: royal gamblers, crooks, adventurers, a mosaic of characters.

 Wednesday and Saturday at 2:00pm

Meeting point Subway Stop LOUVRE RIVOLI (Line 1) at street level

8 rue de l’Amiral Coligny 75011 Paris




224187_534165169928394_1863018228_nThe covered passages are a network of openings in the heart of buildings and streets of the old Paris. Most of them are the ancestors of our modern shopping malls where the rich and fabulous used to shop, sip tea and coffee and socialize. They were built by wise investors in the first part of the 1800s, right after the French revolution took place. A time of newly acquired freedom where everything was to be invented after centuries of immovable  institutions and absolute monarchy.

374822_519583284719916_177814622_nThe turn of the 1800s where politically busy: new politicians would pop and disappear in a snap of the fingers. A Emperor would be replaced by a king, a republic would not survive a coup d’état… hard to keep up… Built together with rental apartments, under modern glass roofs allowing light to flood inside, benefiting from  the ultimate technological development, you can walk from the heart of Paris to the north side of the city, indoors! After decades of abandon, they are now just as popular as when they opened. Thoroughly restored for most of them, hosting top fashion stores and trendy tea rooms, it is a way to discover another side of Paris that only the genuine parisians know, out of the mainstream.


A block away from the major touristic locations, in the intimacy of a small group, you will get a chance to be among the happy fews that will have been admitted behind the curtain.

All tours run in all types of weather and will not be cancelled because of rain.

Tours run 1.5 hour.


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