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The legendary artistic side of Paris. The most amazing hidden courtyards and chapels. Surrealist painters and poets, fashionistas and philosophers, epic revolutionaries and legendary romance. Where glamour and parisian intelligentsia sparkle: the café society of Paris. A unique atmosphere on the left bank of the river where any visitor wants to live for ever!

Monday at 2:00 pm and Wednesday at 10:30 am

Meeting point subway stop Saint Sulpice (line 4) exit 2

67 rue de Rennes 75006 Paris


L_H_telMy friends say I belong to the right bank… true… so when crossing the river to the left bank better be for a good reason!

A small village nestled around the abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, consecrated in 558 by the bishop of Paris. In the Middle Ages, it was outside the city. When the town of Saint-Germain was established in the 12th century and had about 600 inhabitants and still outside the walls.

LesdeuxmagotsAlong the left bank of the Seine, this neighborhood became a haunt of intellectuals since the 17th century. The Encyclopedists gathered at the Cafe Procope. Likewise, the future revolutionaries Marat, Danton and Guillotin, inventor of the guillotine, lived in the neighborhood.

After the Second World War, the neighborhood became the center of intellectuals and philosophers, actors and musicians. Existentialism co-existed with jazz in the cellars. Painter and writers were all at home there, reinventing the world from the terraces of the Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots, they used to call the office…

Le_ProcopeSaint Germain des Prés is really a place to know, so much to discover!

All tours run in all types of weather and will not be cancelled because of rain.

Tours run 1.5 hour.


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