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Through the street of one of the oldest district of Paris, the gossips of the aristocracy, their mansions, secret gardens and art of living. From the ancient streets of the old jewish ghetto to the trendy fashion stores where fashionistas launch tomorrow’s looks. Affordable luxury and top design stores, experimental art scene and classy hangouts. The last and ultimate parisian neighborhood.

Tuesday and Friday at 2:00 pm

Meeting point at subway stop Chemin vert (line 8) exit 1

61 Boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris


place des vosgesThe Marais used to be the aristocratic district of Paris. It hosts many buildings of historic and architectural importance. Originally flooded by the river several times a year, it turned into an attractive area as the adjacent river got under control: the French nobility’s favorite place of residence with outstanding urban mansions. Later, it became a popular and very active commercial area, hosting one of Paris’ main jewish communities. At the end of the 19th century and during the first half of the 20th, the district was referred as the « Pletzl » but was targeted by the nazis who were occupying France during world war II.

1-30By the 1950s, the Marais had become a working class area and most of its architectural masterpieces were in bad state of repair.  Following its rehabilitation, the Marais has become a fashionable  district, home to many fashion houses, and hype art galleries. Some streets are still a major center of the Paris Jewish community, which has made a renewal since the 1990s. You will find the best  falafels and kosher bakeries in Paris as well as many casual restaurants. The neighborhood has also experienced a growing gay presence since the 1980s, as evidenced by the existence of many gay  cafés, nightclubs, cabarets and shops.

BeauvaisBut by the way, what does the Marais means?

All tours run in all types of weather and will not be cancelled because of rain.

Tours run 1.5 hour.

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