Jan 28 2018

You have to find one of these restaurants near you wherever you are in Paris. This canteen has 5 locations in town and 1 in the fabulous wholesale food market of Rungis, the biggest food market in the world.

The chef Christian Etchebest has found what we were looking for! A place where you can get a drink and a snack at the bar or enjoy the French specialties along a menu offering a wonderful selection of produce from the market, seasonal with a South-west inspiration. The Basque region is the homeland of Chef Etchebest and he brought to Paris his love for this rich region, its traditions and sports habits. A place to enjoy with friends and enlarge your group to your table neighbors in an easy going way.

Make sure you take a little time to have a look at the website (in English) to meet some of the suppliers and partners. It will tell you a lot about what the French call the « terroir » that make our produce so special and tasty. From bread by award winner baker Jean-Luc Poujauran to pimento of Espelette, goat and sheep cheese and long-dried sausages and hams, the portraits of this artisans will help you enjoy even more the authentic dishes of the menu.


La Cantine du Troquet


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