Mois : juin 2013

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Feel at home

Every year, Versailles welcomes a living artist to exhibit inside the castle as well as in the gardens. After Jeff koons, Murakami, Vasconcelos and Bernard Venet as on the picture, the doors open this season to Guiseppe Penone. The Italian plasticien has invaded the gardens of Versailles with his trees made of bronze or marble,…
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Other side of the mirror

Roberto Platé is a designer with more than one talent. Known for his theater, ballet or opera decors, he designed for the most prestigious festival, theater companies and has worked with the most important directors in the last 40 years. Born in Buenos Aires in the 40s, he will start painting and designing in south…
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Bleu comme blue

True that Paris weather has been a topic in the last month! We never had such a lousy spring and so much rain. But I have a good new for you, it seems the spring has arrived and the sun has been blue for the last 4 days. Parisians are smiling, putting away sweaters and…
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