Adjust your béret!

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Adjust your béret!

Over 10 years ago,  as Jérôme was running a bakery, he networked two of his regular customers , Philippe and Laurent. Bright idea since those two made great business together! Some years later, in order to thank Jérôme, they offered him to band together to open a new business. No other brand than Merci Jérôme could be found. A new and very Parisian concept of fresh bistro food, they call it « French Bouffe » for here or to go in a friendly atmosphere right by the Champs Elysées. Every day, people rush for the super fresh specials that are posted on their facebook page that same morning. Also are available all kinds of quiches and salads as well as a selection of deserts. Best value in a neighborhood where the best goes alongside with the worst. By the way Laurent and I were in the same highschool some…years ago and it’s always good to hear your friends are doing well!

What should you eat: any of the 3 daily plats du jour!

Merci Jérôme

8 rue de Marignan –  75008 Paris

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