Culinary French revolution

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Culinary French revolution

Its decor is one of the 3 in Paris registered as a historical monument. Unchanged since it opened in 1784 under the arches of Palais Royal as a café de Chartres, Jean Vefour will turn it in one of the best restaurants of town in 1820. In the early years,Bonaparte, future Empereur of France and his wife Josephine, later George Sand and lover Alfred de Musset, Victor Hugo,then Colette and Jean Cocteau will be some among the many celebrities who will become regular of the establishment along the decades sitting on the red velbet banquettes. The story tells that a young revolutionnary, named Camille Desmoulins will plot there the early events of the French revolution in 1789.The place is history, not just a gourmet restaurant. At the end of the 40’s, A famous chef, Raymond Oliver will become the new owner and will establish the reputation of Grand Véfour as one of the finest restaurants in the world not only for the decor but also for the quality and the creativity of the menu. Raymond oliver will be the very first chef to have a cooking show on TV as early as 1953 opening the field to so many other tv celebrity chefs, another culinary French revolution! Today, it’s another very talented chef, Guy Martin running the kitchens of this piece of French history. Véfour is the flagship retaurant of chef Martin who also runs the kitchens of the Baccarat Cristal room. Of course it’s not a cheap restaurant being a stared establishment but lunch could be an option with a menu around 98€, tasting menu for dinner around 295€. But I garantee an experience like no other. With an early reservation get Jean Cocteau’s or Victor Hugo’s table and feel as you’ld be part of that glorious history!

Le Grand Véfour

17 rue de beaujolais 75001 Paris

Price range: €€€€€

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