Fratelli d’Italia!

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Fratelli d’Italia!

A new casual and friendly restaurant has just opened in Le gay historic Marais. You would think: again another… But this little space nicely designed by the brother of one of the owners happens to offer good food! So rare in the district where showing off obviously excludes the pleasure of eating gourmet! Fresh food with an Italian touch, imported discoveries from various origins, but always genuine. Prosciuttos, coppa and parmegiano, fresh salads and risottos, and a selection of cakes from the closeby pastry maker, Huré served warm with organic preserves and the best cappuccino.The place feels good, the team is very welcoming and will share their enthusiasm for food and quality. For a Piadina to go or a very gourmet ravioles with walnuts and truffles, Comptoir Gourmet is the place to go. I love the gigantic trays of Italian hams and sausages served with burrata and artichokes, for one but serves 2 and the mini babas with limoncello.

Comptoir Gourmet

51 rue du Temple 75004 Paris

Monday-Sunday from 11am to 12pm

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Price range: €

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