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Made in France

A new place to discover French tradition and Made in France creation is the cute retro store of Franck and Hugo on rue Saint Augustin. Close to Opera and by the passage Choiseul, the small streets of this area offer a lot of smaller boutiques and restaurants such as Drouant, a classic and the headquarter of the renown writers or Fontaine Gaillon owned by actor Gérard Depardieu.
Some months ago Franck and Hugo who have been working in the perfume industry for a time now, dicovered an old perfume brand, Oriza L.Legrand, founded in 1720, under the reign of king Louis XV, that desapeared in the 1930s. They decided to resuscitate it; an immense task!
But here we are, the neo Art Nouveau store has now opened and offers more than the delicate fragrances and their evocative names: Relique d’amour, Rêve d’Ossian or Déjà le Printemps…and their adorable retro bottles with the inimitable tags. They have also selected all kinds of fashion accessories, hand made ties, cuffs, bow ties, hats, scented candles and more, exclusively Made in France!
Want to bring back home something genuine, athentically made in France? Pay a visit to Franck and Hugo! They will love to tell you the stories behind each and every item and to share with you their knowledge when it gets to fragrances.

Oriza L.Legrand

18 rue Saint Augustin 75002 Paris

Monday-Saturday 10am to 7:30pm

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