Pop summer in Paris

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Pop summer in Paris

Favoring the comic strip as his main inspiration, his tormented women are generally regarded as his most famous works. Roy Lichtenstein was, along with Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and James Rosenquist one of the leading figures of pop art. Hard-edged, precise compositions, parodies of cartoons and early use of acrylic paint make his paintings easy to recognize. His first hard edge large scale painting is « Look Mickey » in 1961, as a result to a challenge from his son who told him: « I’m sure you can’t paint one like that, Dad! ». His first personnal exhibition will take place at Leo Castelli’s gallery in New York and will be sold out before the opening. By the way, Castelli will turn down another painter at the time named Andy Warhol… big mistake! 

Lichtenstein never took himself too seriously however one his painting sold for 56 milions of $ in  May 2013 at auctions in London to jeweler Graff! It is the first retrospective of the New York pop art master in Paris at the Pompidou Center that not only offers some of his very best paintings but also 56 sculptures never shown before.

Pompidou Center offers the best point of view all over the historical center of Paris, Pantheon, towers of Notre Dame, Eiffel tower, Opera house…from its last floor as well as a restaurant with a panoramic view and a roof deck called Georges, owned and operated by the Costes family… no need to say more!

Musée d’Art Moderne-Centre Pompidou

Until November 4th – 2013





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