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Culinary French revolution

Its decor is one of the 3 in Paris registered as a historical monument. Unchanged since it opened in 1784 under the arches of Palais Royal as a café de Chartres, Jean Vefour will turn it in one of the best restaurants of town in 1820. In the early years,Bonaparte, future Empereur of France and…
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Trendy Paris shopping

Globalisation has made anything available at any moment anywhere in the world. Not one city where you will not find your nearby Gap, Zara, your quick Abercrombie and Fitch fix not to mention Louis Vuitton, fake symbol of luxury manufactured under licence all over the world. When in Paris, you feel you have to enjoy…
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Fight jet lag

Getting to Paris exhauted after a long flight might not the best way to enjoy a good time. To recover from jet lag there’s nothing like a spa session and a serious detox! A couple of hours of skin care, massage and beauty treatment and there you go! Appartment 217 is one of this hush-hush…
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