Étiquette : shopping

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A look and an edge

It opened about 15 years ago in rue des Rosiers, the main street of the old pletzl of Paris, le Marais. A concept store with a very edgy selection of designers clothes, accessories such as hats, wallets, rings or bracelets, great shoes and other exclusive fashion items that you will not find anywhere else. Yoham…
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Trendy Paris shopping

Globalisation has made anything available at any moment anywhere in the world. Not one city where you will not find your nearby Gap, Zara, your quick Abercrombie and Fitch fix not to mention Louis Vuitton, fake symbol of luxury manufactured under licence all over the world. When in Paris, you feel you have to enjoy…
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Tea for me

In 1692, the privilege of importing and selling tea will be granted to Mister Dammann. Louis XIV, the sun king is the king of France and his closest adviser, Colbert, is setting up the rules that will make France the most important industrial country in the world. Ever since the Dammann Brothers tea company will…
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