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Tattoo to you

Coming from the darkness of underground culture, the art of tattooing has literally exploded onto everyone’s skin in the last couple of decades. From a tiny Winnie the Poo to the yakuzas covered from head to toe or the amazing helmet of the icon of porn culture François Sagat, tattoos are all over the place. The number of tattooists has multiplied by the hundreds and with it the number of tattooed people.
That is the reason why Paris simply had to host once again a convention that befits its international prestige. The tattoo explosion that has taken place on every level of society has also brought with it a brand new generation of tattoo artists.
The best of today’s tattooers have benefited from the knowledge and the experience passed on to them by their legendary predecessors, often with baffling ease and rapidity. Finding their inspiration both in traditional tattoo cultures and in all the range of new artistic and media sources, they have substantially developed, diversified and perfected the graphics of this undeniable art.
The Mondial du Tatouage will proudly welcome the « elders », the less elders, as well as the youngest among the finest « needles » of the world.

This promises to be an unforgettable event, as much by its high level of quality as because of the superb setting it will be in : Le 104, great artistic place of Paris… This place places under the spotlights alternative art expressions and artists that investigate new fields. On the side from the tattoo festival and the contests will take place exhibitions of several visual artists, rock concerts and book signings.
Three days in the company of the best tattoo artists who will be waiting for you.


Paris Tattoo Convention
Le 104

5 rue Curial 75019 Paris

From March 22nd to 24th – 2013

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