Étiquette : louis XIV

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Chocoshow in Paris

This time of the year has come once again and I don’t mean halloween. Every early November takes place in Paris teh most important chocolate faire in the world. From the 30th of October to the 3rd of November, 5 days to enjoy chocolate in various ways. Cocoe show, choco demo, chocosphere, chocoland or pastry…
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Night at the museum

A new tour opens as the fall season starts; the Louvre tour! Every Wednesday and Friday starting at 5:15pm, come and join me to discover the richest museum in the world. 20 master pieces from ancient Egypt to the Venus of Milo, from the collections of Louis the XIVth to Goya, David painting the coronation…
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Feel at home

Every year, Versailles welcomes a living artist to exhibit inside the castle as well as in the gardens. After Jeff koons, Murakami, Vasconcelos and Bernard Venet as on the picture, the doors open this season to Guiseppe Penone. The Italian plasticien has invaded the gardens of Versailles with his trees made of bronze or marble,…
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