Étiquette : pastry

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Are Macaroons pastry pornography?

One of the most asked question is: where to find the best macaroons? Here is a valuable answer. Of course, I already stated that macaroons are on the way out, éclairs are the new macaroons as charcoal grey is the new black! But if you really want to taste the real thing, hands off Ladurée…
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Climbing the Mont Blanc

I don’t mean the 4808m one, in the French Alps that is the highest mount in France but the scrumptious pastry made of a heart of meringue, whipped cream and chesnut paste. For over 110 years this recipe has been the best seller of Angelina, one of the finest tea rooms in Paris located right…
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Sweet dreams

Paris-Brest, Saint-Honoré, Mille Feuilles are classics of French pastry art that chef Philippe Conticini and visionary Thierry Tessier have modernized opening their Pâtisserie des Rêves in 2009. Tessier wanted to rediscover the tastes of his childhood and no other chef than Conticini could have reinvented this classics. Sounds easy but in fact a real challenge:…
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