Are Macaroons pastry pornography?

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Are Macaroons pastry pornography?

One of the most asked question is: where to find the best macaroons? Here is a valuable answer.

Of course, I already stated that macaroons are on the way out, éclairs are the new macaroons as charcoal grey is the new black! But if you really want to taste the real thing, hands off Ladurée or Pierre Hermé, the mass market of macaroons, and rush to Gérard Mulot! In the heart of Saint Germain, his bakery and pastry shop offer high quality bread, croissants, pastries and of course macaroons.

Trained at Lenôtre before he started his own business, Mulot is considered as a classic now. No fancy recipes but all the classics of French pastry tradition executed by a master; Baba with ruhm, Saint-Honoré, Paris-Brest… classics that can stand mediocrity. A catering department with sandwiches and salads as well as other courses to take away, wonderful chocolates, bonbons and pralines and excellent bres-ad and croissants. He masters them all.

Come and join my Saint-Germain tour and we will make a stop to shop for the famous pains au raisins and croissants! An absolute must in the ultra competitive Paris pastry scene!


Gérard Mulot

76, rue de Seine
Paris 6e
01 43 26 85 77

Closed on Wednesday

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