Étiquette : golden triangle

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A girl’s best friend

Since 1847, Cartier has been a symbol of luxury, style and elegance. Royalties , tycoons of the world’s industry, stars of the art world have once pushed the doors of the Paris flagship store on rue de la Paix to acquire some of these extravagant pieces of jewelery, clocks and watches, vanities and other accessories.…
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Hotel « haute couture »

An anonymous black facade in the heart of the golden triangle might be the sign there is someting very exclusive behind the closed doors. On rue de Marignan, between Champs Elysées and the super glamourous avenue Montaigne is Hotel Marignan. An former private house enlarged with several floors in the 30s that just reopened some…
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Is this a view or is this a view?

All you will see on the sidewalk will be a sign showing you the way to an elevator that will take you to heaven, perched on the roof of one of the most prestigious theater of Paris, certainely one of the most beautiful one in the world, Theater of Champs Elysées on avenue Montaigne. The…
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