A girl’s best friend

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A girl’s best friend

Since 1847, Cartier has been a symbol of luxury, style and elegance. Royalties , tycoons of the world’s industry, stars of the art world have once pushed the doors of the Paris flagship store on rue de la Paix to acquire some of these extravagant pieces of jewelery, clocks and watches, vanities and other accessories. « I love to find a new place to wear diamonds » says Marilyn in Gentlemen prefer blonds and so does Cartier.

Some 600 pieces have been gathered from the vintage collection of the Cartier museum as well as from private collections for this very first exhibition covering 120 years of fine craftsmanship and the influence of the succesive Art Director of cartier since the fouding of the establishment by Louis-François Cartier.

Among the pieces displayed for the occasion, the great neckalce of the Maharadjah of Patiala holding a total of 1000 carats of diamonds, a tiara from the Royal collection of her Majesty Elizabeth II, a necklace from the jewelery box of Liz taylor and more…

Crunchy anecdotes such as the acqusition of the New York mansion on 5th avenue from the Plant family in 1917 in exchange for some cash and a Cartier double-stranded natural pearl necklace valued at the time at $1 million, Mrs Plant was in love with!

The must see of the hollydays!

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