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Gourmet Confidential

You would not notice this gourmet French restaurant passing by. The facade is plain and the surroundings would never reveal there is such a gourmet place at number 53 of this covered passage. Slowly passage des Panoramas is becoming the It place for fine food. A small spanish fine grocery store offers now the tasty and melting in mouth Bellotta ham and farmed Manchego cheese, a new restaurant designed by star designer Philippe Stark is annouced in the former Stern Engravings store, one of the few ancient decors registered as a historical landmark and a nearby Gyoza bar in a slick design prouves that this passage, the oldest one in Paris, it opened in 1800, will become soon known for its great food offer.

At Passage 53, meet 2 guys is their 30’s: Guillaume Guedj and Japonese chef Shinichi Sato. Formerly of Astrance and Aïda, Sato feeds you tender bites of happiness in the decor of a small zen room hosted by Guedj. The place seats only 20 happy fews for lunch and dinner to enjoy a tasting menu. For dinner it is about 10 to 14 servings, small tasting portions to enjoy a food adventure lead by chef Sato. A numerous wine list comes toghether as well as a choice of wines by the glass. Expect the best and a bill that levels with it! The place has 2 stars in the famous Michelin guide and the quality of the produce mixed with the art of the cuisine makes dinner at Passage 53 a real experience!

An alternative is available with the Gyoza bar that belongs to chef Sato too, some steps away in the same passage, at number 56. A big counter in a cozy charcoal grey decor and the freshest and finest gyozas you can get in town with that typical French gourmet touch that excludes mediocrity. To learn more about this 2 places join my Secret Passages tour that will take you there!

Passage 53

53 passage des Panoramas 75002 Paris

01 42 33 04 35


Lunch menu 60€, Dinner 130€ (without beverages)

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