Mois : avril 2013

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Fight jet lag

Getting to Paris exhauted after a long flight might not the best way to enjoy a good time. To recover from jet lag there’s nothing like a spa session and a serious detox! A couple of hours of skin care, massage and beauty treatment and there you go! Appartment 217 is one of this hush-hush…
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La Grande Epicerie

One of the most recurring question my guests ask me as they are enjoying a fun cooking session with me is where to get all the secret ingredients we use to accommodate the fresh produce we get from my local farmers market. Well let’s share the secret with all of you: one of my favorite…
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Ambiguous eroticism

Polish born, she arrives in Paris in the 1920s as art nouveau is dying. As she lived all across Europe with her parents she got the chance to witness the incredible diversity of the art of the very early years of the century. In the Paris class of Nabis painter Maurice Denis and then next…
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