Fight jet lag

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Fight jet lag

Getting to Paris exhauted after a long flight might not the best way to enjoy a good time. To recover from jet lag there’s nothing like a spa session and a serious detox! A couple of hours of skin care, massage and beauty treatment and there you go! Appartment 217 is one of this hush-hush places in town. The little spa opened by Stéphane Jaulin, near to the concept store Colette, is housed on the third floor of an opulent 18th-century building. Laid out according to Feng Shui principles, L’Appartement 217 combines « treatments for the body and mind» with organic products by Doctor Hauschka, the gourou of natural beauty: laundry from wood pulp, shower water without lime scale and bright and spacious cabins.
Ayurveda massages, facials and skin care and the famous Lyashi Dome, a japanese ingineered machine that deeply cleans your body.
A good reason to take a break in this elegant temple of zen where you might meet Isabelle Adjani or Sofia Coppola addicted to the place.

Stéphane Jaulin
L’appartement 217

217 rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris
01 42 96 00 96


Crédit photo: Stéphane Jaulin

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