Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

No matter what they say, Paris will always be Paris and the time has come to get on the plane and join one of my Paris walking tours!

Of course, 2016 definitely left mixed feelings to many of us. On one hand, Paris has been attacked twice by people who obviously hate our lifestyle and what we represent as a civilization. On the other hand, we have reach over 40 million visitors in Paris. Thank god, there will always be more Paris lovers than haters. It is true that the city of lights has never looked better and is one of the most tourist friendly city in the world.

This new year is the opportunity for me to thank all the wonderful guests I had a chance to meet this passed year in my tours and/or in the cooking classes. Great personalities, genuine caracters, food lovers, art experts… you have enriched my life. I need to thank you also for the positive reviews you took the time to write on my Tripadvisor page. As you know it became a very important ressource for travelers worldwide and keeping up my reputation as a professionnal is major to me!

Paris as never been safer. We mesured the issues of terrorism and that it is major for us to protect our lifestyle, our traditions and the values we believe in. Airports, public transportation, landmarks and museums are now under high security provided by the police and the army plus some others you cannot notice among the crowd …

So I hope to see even more of you in 2017! Some of you, I already got a chance to meet will be back, some will recommend my activities to friends and family and many will discover my city for the first time. This year will be a challenge to me, a challenge to Paris to maintain its position as the most visited city in the world and I hope to make it in your company.

Wishing you a happy new year, health, love and good fortune, I look forward to seeing you in Paris soon!

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