Say cheese!

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Say cheese!

Dis you say cheese when you smile?

Just opened a couple of month ago, this new cheese and wine tasting store close to the Louvre and Palais Royal offers a very picky selection of cheeses and wines with highly professionnal advices from Galina Danard, the cheese expert and Altan, the sommelier.

Seasonal cheese selection always offered at their peak of maturity, an art on its own and a rare knowledge that only France offers, and a chance to discover some the the hundreds of different ones we have not only in France but also in Italy, Netherland or England.

The wine selection displays a number of small wineyards known for their search of excellence, whether it is a traditional vintage, or a natural or organic vineyard. No label drinking at Danard only the truth and the quality! You can buy to go or enjoy a tray of selected cheeses, hams and saussages as a Tour de France initiation together with a selection of wines by the glass there. Cheap and easy for genuine  French food and wine lovers. Adjacent to the Louvre Muséum, Palais Royal gardens, Vérot Dodat gallery and famous Christian Louboutin flagship store, the district is a must! Follow my Secret Passages tour and I will tell you more about it on the way!

Fromagerie Danard

5 rue du Colonel DRIANT 75001 PARIS

Monday through Saturday from 11:30am to 9:00pm

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