Saint-Germain greed!

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Saint-Germain greed!

The neighborhood seemed to have turned into a tourist luna park with the overrated so called « Saint-Germain food tours »,  heavy duty luxury brands, outragously expensive drinks and lousy restaurants.

I might have to revise this point of view after a visit at The Smiths.

Don’t pass judgements about the British sounding name and enter this tiny pastry place. All my favorite sweets from my youth: family cakes, classic pastries and some of my all time favourites from the south of France and signed Sennequier, the ultra famous pastry maker of the charming harbour of Saint Tropez made famous by Brigitte Bardot in the 60’s and the rich of famous since then. Tarte Tropézienne with the best filling in a brioche and covered in granulated sugar, a recipe created locally by a polish imigrant to Saint Tropez for Brigitte, homemade preserves of local seasonal fruits and the super good Nougat, a speciality from the south of France, a mix of almonds, pistachios and honey! Of course nothing diet but when working hard, walking hard all over the city, there is no reason to skip these truly French delicacies.

A dream come true to finally find it in Paris on a regular basis! The Smiths also offers quiches and sandwiches for a quick snack and a really tasty expresso!

The Smiths

12 rue de Buci
75006 Paris

Monday-Sunday all day long

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