A look and an edge

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A look and an edge

It opened about 15 years ago in rue des Rosiers, the main street of the old pletzl of Paris, le Marais. A concept store with a very edgy selection of designers clothes, accessories such as hats, wallets, rings or bracelets, great shoes and other exclusive fashion items that you will not find anywhere else. Yoham is a rare concept store with its very own identity and special atmosphere, not just another fashion store. Avi will provide his advices and from his own look you will immediatly notice he knows his business. Another Yoham store located near place Saint Catherine, a couple of blocks from the main store provides bespoke services that movie stars and international singers have adopted for some years now. Really worth a visit!

This portion of rue des Rosiers has kept many old jewish stores, cosher restaurants and bakeries, falafels places and jewish arts and crafts and by the way, remember most of them will be closed on Saturdays but opened on Sundays. Colorful and charming old district of Paris where we like to hang out, shop and snack!


15 rue des Rosiers 75004 Paris


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