Meat lovers

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Meat lovers

On the north edge of Le Marais district so called the hight Marais, L’aller-Retour is one of the best meat restaurant in Paris.

One of these small restaurants in Paris we go to when we have a craving for top quality meat. Most of the menu will be about beef and the standard is quite high here!

The ambiance is typical of a casual Parisian bistro so don’t expect anything else but charm authenticity and Bobo chic. The service is efficient and as everywhere else in France, here, waiters are not supposed to become your best friends… leave that to Los Angeles actors!

My advice is to enjoy a nice piece of grilled meat with a side of fresh seasonal vegetables and the homemade fries at leat once in your Paris trip. No hormones and no antbiotics are allowed in France and the tracking of the meat in such a restaurant is major! They will tell you where it’s from: France, Argentina, New Zeland…The marbeling of the meat will prove the excellence of the quality! Just enjoy it with a bottle of the great selection of wines they offer and stay away from the big bottles or the overated bordeaux to discover smaller vineyards that provide on a smaller scale the achievment of their long run work to make better and better local wines that are not exported.


5, Rue Charles-François Dupuis, 75003 Paris

01 42 78 01 21


Price range: €€€

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