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Tea for me

In 1692, the privilege of importing and selling tea will be granted to Mister Dammann. Louis XIV, the sun king is the king of France and his closest adviser, Colbert, is setting up the rules that will make France the most important industrial country in the world.
Ever since the Dammann Brothers tea company will never stop looking for the finest teas and blendind exotic varieties from all over the world. They now retail in over 62 countries and in Paris have a beautiful store on the impressive Place des Vosges, the jewel of Le Marais.
The store has a dramatic decor displaying all the teen boxes of the many different teas and herbal teas as well as tea pots, china and other goodies. The packaging is very elegant yet modern proving that tradition works together with modernity. 236 different teas available at the store and nearly 600 on line! On top they have patented a cristal clear tea bag in 1980 that offers the conveniency of a tea bag and the quality of a traditional tea prepared in a pot.
A must if you are a tea fan!

Dammann Frères

15 place des Vosges 75004 Paris

Opened Monday-Sunday


Crédit photo: Dammann Frères

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