Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday!

She is 40 years old and remains one of the biggest or should I say tallest controversy in the Paris skyline. Montparnasse tower opened in 1973, lonely, at the top of rue de Rennes, on the edge of Saint Germain des prés. 210 meters high, 59 floors, the tower remaind the tallest office building in Europe for many years. Just as the Eiffel tower back in the 1890’s, from the very first minute, the tower has been the center of a major controversy. Parisians are not into skyscrapers, we leave it to Manhattan or Shanghai! Yes, when it gets to architecture, we are quite conservative and we never got used to the lonely dark verticality of the typical 1970’s building; a disgrace, an ultimate injury in the decor of the haussmannien Paris. 

The size of the bulding had been strictly maintained under the height of the Eiffel tower who couldn’t stand any competition and should remain for ever the tallest building in town, the reason why we never enrolled this competition with other city looking for the tallest bulding ever built in the world. This kind of « show me your tower and I will show you mine » is not to us! Among the 11 new tall buildings to be built on the perimeter of Paris in the next years, no one will exceed 200 meters.

This being said, if you want to enjoy a great view over Paris, close to the historical center and have a better look at the nearby Eiffel tower, the top floors of Montparnasse is the best option. No crazy line, a great indoors restaurant and bar fully renovated with a great design, a panoramic roof top terrace and remember: the best way not to see Tour Montparnasse is to be on top of it!


33 avenue du Maine 75015 Paris

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