Bleu comme blue

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Bleu comme blue

True that Paris weather has been a topic in the last month! We never had such a lousy spring and so much rain. But I have a good new for you, it seems the spring has arrived and the sun has been blue for the last 4 days. Parisians are smiling, putting away sweaters and umbrellas, finally getting ready for the summer. Evening are long and it’s this moment of the year where you start looking for patio lunch and dinner. Here’s one that just opened and that will become for sure one of the highlights of trendy Parisian lifestyle in the future. Called Monsieur Bleu, the place has opened in one of the wings of Palais de Tokyo. Former museum on modern art before Pompidou center opened in the 70s, this glorious piece of architecture was built for one of the many world expos in 1937. The architecture is grandiose and impressive and it was about time to unvail a real concept to use it at it’s best. Now hosting the museum of medern art of the city of Paris in one wing, a contemporary art center on the other, a restaurant was missing.

Monsieur Bleu with its grand decor from the 30s revisited by designer Joseph Dirand and a good experimented management team from famous Restaurant Petrus, led by Gilles Malafosse is the place to be and be seen this summer. Interior has a grand scale decor in case the terrace overlooking the river and the nearby Eiffel tower is closed. In the kitchen, it is young chef Benjamin Masson operating and offering an inventive French cuisine that will charm the most discerning palates. Rush!

Monsieur Bleu au Palais de Tokyo

20 avenue de New York 75016 Paris

Price range €€€

Crédit photo:Monsieur Bleu


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