Celebs of Montmartre

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Celebs of Montmartre

Fans of Amélie Poulain, Erasmus students, local socialites and genuine movie stars living in the neighborhood is the mix you can enjoy at L’Arsouille cocktail bar in Montmartre.

Hard to choose from the 4000 songs in the judebox and to open your way to the bar, the place is packed eveyday with a young and genuine parisian fauna. Drinks are cheap, vintage flippers available and old fashion French songs from the judebox.

A must in Montmartre hidden in the heart of the Abesses village.

Around are plenty of small restaurants and bars. Montmartre has kept a colorful crowd now that the starving artists and bleu colors have been replaced by trendy hipsters. Step away from the main streets to the side ones and you will pass by all the local joints. Don’t be shy and step in the scene!


22 rue des 3 frères 75018 Paris

From Tuesday to Sunday 5pm to 2am.

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