Forget love…I’d rather fall in chocolate!

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Forget love…I’d rather fall in chocolate!

A charming art nouveau shop with its original pannelings in dark oak, some steps away from the Moulin Rouge , is the kingdom of Denise Acabo. Extravagant and colorful personality of the Paris famous all over the world to China and Japan for her legendary uniform: a pleated plaid skirt, college tie and blond braids, Denise is considered as the encyclopedia of chocolate.
She tours France searching for the best chocolate makers, the local specialties and traditional sweet goodies and selects la crème de la crème of ganaches, nougats, candied fruits and bouchées for her Paris store.
We are not only talking about chocolate here, but art and history, tradition and terroir. To denise Acabo, good chocolate is better than sex and she has what it takes in her store to prove it!
The selection is so strict that I must confess some of the chocolate makers will sometimes take it wrong; try to explain them why Denise will only order one of their creations and not another…but Denise’s requirements are high maintenance and she’s not the kind of woman you can fool that easily!
Take the time to enoy a moment in her company and have her tell you more about her latest discoveries or the reason why she is the only other retail place for the world famous Bernachon’s chocolates from Lyon, considered the best among the best. She’s worth the trip and the neighborhood would not be the same without her sparkling eyes and sweet smile!

Denise Acabo

A l’étoile d’or
30 rue Pierre Fontaine 75009 Paris

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