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Hotel for sale

The famous Parisian palace, Hotel de Crillon, located on place de la Concorde has closed its doors some days ago for some years. Just as the nearby Ritz Hotel, place Vendôme, the Crillon will reopen in about 3 years after a major renovation to up grade it to the ultimate standards when it gets to luxury.
Of course the facade, registered as historical landmark as well as the original decors will not be affected by the renovation. We are here dealing with a major piece of history. Built in the 1750’s by Gabriel, architect to the king, the two buildings overlooking place Louis XV, as it was named before the French revolution were meant to honour the memory of Louis XVI’s  grand father and predecessor. As one wing got divided and sold to several important noble families, the other wing will become the storage of the monarchy… nice building to store extra chairs…
All along this coming week end and untill the 16th of April, the Crillon Hotel is opened to the public all day long to discover the 3500 pieces of furniture, sets of glasses, silverware and china or robes and towels that will be put up for auction by Artcurial next week. Eight auction sales including a special wine and liquor sale to empty the hotel after over a century of existence hosting Kings, Queens and world celebrities.
A unique opportunity to acquire a piece of Paris history. Items starting around 50€ and up to 15 000€. Place your bids!

Hôtel de Crillon

10 place de la Concorde 75008 Paris

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