New bistro in Montmartre

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New bistro in Montmartre

The place we were waiting for! A charming little bistro close to the top of the hill of Montmartre but away from the nasty tourist traps and on a reasonable budget! Charming traditional Parisian decor of an authentic casual bistro with its wooden panels and beveled mirrors overlooking the famous rue Lepic, a few steps away the fous windmills.

The menu is simple but based on the best quality ingredients available in France and created by a famous French pastry chef, Gilles Marchal. Former pastry chef of the stared Bristol Hotel in Paris and Maison du Chocolat and owner of the nearby charming Compagnie Générale de Biscuiterie of Montmartre where he bakes the delicious biscuits of Paris in their delicious tin boxes.

Finally a real Montmartre bistro with a creative concept around the classics of French traditional cuisine: eggs Mimosa and homemade foie gras, creative main course based on a super light multilayer crust, wonderful Baba au Rhum or biscuits and a very original selection of wines.

Knowing that most of the Montmartre restaurants are overpriced for a lousy quality, it is a real surprise already recognized by the best food critics. Don’t forget to make a reservation since the place is quite small! Opened from Tuesday to Sunday, lunch and dinner. You can follow my Montmartre tour to hear more about the local food tradition in this free minded district of Paris!


Le Bistro de la Galette

102 ter rue Lepic

75018 Paris

01 46 06 19 65

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