Paris, capital of the arts

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Paris, capital of the arts

With the fall opens in Paris the real season for arts. Biennale des Antiquaires in September for exclusive antiques, Nuit Blanche in October or FIAC for contemporary art lovers, taking place this week, will ask you to warm up your credit cards.

Here opens now an exhibition where nothing is for sale but the admission fee! The Serguei Chtchukine collection. Chtchukine, unprononcable name, is a Russian pioneer among the great collectors of art from the turn of the 20th century.

During he early trips to Paris he met Paul Durand Ruel, the discoverer of the Impressionists and acquired several Monet, Cezanne, Gaugin, Degas, Van Gogh. He later met the Steins in Paris and thanks to them got to meet Picasso, Matisse and Ambroise Vollard the influential art dealer of the time. In 2 years he bought no less than 30 Picasso! All this art was gathered in his Moscow house, hanged all over the walls, sometimes more than 50 pieces in a 250sqfeet room as shown on some of the pictures in the exhibition. Soon, he will open his house every Sunday to the public unlike most of the collectors who seldom share their art…

Seized after the revolution by Lenine, the collection will be splited in various museums. I got the chance to see a part of it in the Ermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg in the last USSR years. It is the first time the collection will be gathered in almost one century! Not to be missed and/or a good reason to travel to Paris before the end of February. On top the collection is presented at the Louis Vuitton Foundation, a wonderful architecture by Frank O.Gehry that is a piece of art on its own. By the way a gourmet restaurant is available in the Fondation!

The Serguei Chtchukine Collection
Fondation Louis Vuitton
8 Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi ,75116 Paris

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