Night at the Museum

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Night at the Museum

Last call for the fantastic Dali exhibit at the Pompidou Center. After 4 month, the exhibition will close on Monday the 25th but you still get a chance to see the masterpieces by the Emperor of provocation and one of the founders of surrealistic mouvement gathered in Paris. For the last 4 days the Pompidou center will remain opened day and night until Monday 12:00pm. A night in one of the most important muséum of modern art in the world built by Renzo Piano in the 70s and named after President Pompidou, modern art lover who has branded Paris with this spectacular building. The last floor of the Pompidou center offers the most spectacular panoramic view over the entire historic center of Paris as well as a great restaurant to enjoy dinner before the Dali exhibit and the best way not to stand in line to get in… but hush-hush!

Centre National d’Art et de Culture


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