Paper store in paper street

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Paper store in paper street

Looking for an unusual gifts to bring home: what about  stationery shopping?

A quiet street in Le Marais, close to the river and a link to Saint Louis island, rue du Pont Louis Philippe is called paper street by the Parisians. On the rear of the Shoah Memorial of the Jewish district, this south side of the neighborhood needs a visit.

Along with arts and crafts stores a number of places selling elaborate stationeries. Calligrane opened in 1988 and soon became the place to find fabulous papers, cards, drawing books, photo albums, leather goods and scrap books. A beautiful selection of hand made papers, cards, envelopes and stationeries renewed season after season like a fashion collection.

Calligrane also offers exclusives services of engraving, binding, special orders and exhibitions of artists working with these very exclusive hand made papers.
Rather than sendind an ordinary Eiffel tower postcard why not sending your love on one of the atypical cards they design or get your wedding invitations printed and shipped!
My favorites are the dried fruits and vegetable papers so elegant you can frame them.

All along the street, you will find other paper stores offering booklets, pencils, amazing design paper clips, handmade painted papers from Venice as well as various artisans shops and a couple of nice vintage stores. Around the corner is a great hangout called La Perla -see the article about it- and a new Merveilleux pastry place, rich and creamy specialty from the Revolution era!

Learn more about the place following my Secrets of Le Marais tour!


6 rue de Pont Louis Philippe 75004 Paris

Crédit photo: Calligrane

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