The importance of being Constant

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The importance of being Constant

Christian Constant is a chef famous for his generosity. In the 3 restaurants of rue Saint dominique, he prouves day after day his skills at mixing flavours, seasons and art of cooking in a singular friendly and casual ambiance. After years at the head of the kitchens of the Ritz and the Crillon hotels and several stars in the famous Michelin guide, he gives up stars and glory to go back to what he enjoys the most, sharing his love for terroir and genuine cuisine.

His very first restaurant, Le Violon d’Ingres has now one star and became the flagship establishment of Maison Constant which now offers 2 other restaurants nearby: les Cocottes specializing in stews coming in cocottes and Café Constant, your nearby gourmet bistro. 3 restaurants, 3 ranges of prices but one constant passion, cuisine at its best!

Constant is also one of the jury member of French Top Chef TV show and he knows what teaching is all about: Eric Frechon, Emmanuel Renaut, Christian Etchebest, Thierry Faucher, Thierry Breton… Stared chefs who have worked with Monsieur Constant during their training years.
The charm of the south west of France in the heart of Paris.

Maison Constant

Le Violon d’Ingres
Les Cocottes
Bistro Constant

135-139 rue Saint Dominique 75007 Paris

Price range: from € to €€€€

Crédit photo: Stéphane De Bourgies

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