With a silver fork

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With a silver fork

I know it is hard to find the right place and make your restaurant reservations when preparing your trip to Paris. Allow me to help!

For sure, you don’t need a sliver fork to eat good food but this fork is the key to the best food deals in Paris.

La fourchette, the fork in French is a booking website for restaurants that offer the best discounts on your bill, up to 50%off in exchange of a review on the site. I cannot garanty all the restaurants will be fantastic but take time to read the reviews to build your opinion.

You need to know that even to us, genuine Parisians, finding a good restaurant is a challenge among the 22000 restaurants available in town. Most of them are big time tourist traps with menus fitted for visitors and a majority of processed courses deep frozen and warmed up for you. Some restaurant owners and chefs have decided to resist and to stick to the old fashion art of cooking. So read carefully the reviews on the Fork.com, they are way more reliable than tripadvisor for restaurants!


This is how I discovered Les Saisons.

A great little restaurant in the New Athens district in the 9th arrondissement, dear to the heart of the writer of the 1800’s. The space looks like a small bistro but its owner suspect that it might have hosted a brothel before worl war II; they have been closed by law after the war for having been the favorite places of the occupants.

In the kitchen Jonathan Lutz operates. Trained at the Crillon hotel then at Alcazar and Glou, he offers a nenu of seasonal produce and real home made cuisine. I specially enjoyed his marinted Lomo with Espelette pimento and the Baba with rhum.

Les Saisons

52 rue Lamartine 75009 Paris

01 48 78 15 18


Price range: €€




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