Alain and the chocolate factory

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Alain and the chocolate factory

Multi stared French chef, Alain Ducasse who owns over 20 gourmets restaurants across the world such as Plaza Athénée in Paris, Louis XIV in Monaco or Jules Vernes on the second floor of Eiffel Tower, goes for chocolate. He just opened a unique chocolate factory inside Paris. A former garage near Bastille over 300s/f  transformed into a small factory where chocolate beans from Java, Madagascar or Equador…a dozen origins and as many rare flavors selected throughout the planet,  will be roasted on premises with the help of Nicolas Berger, chocolate maker who has worked with Ducasse for over 10 years. The complete process for your eyes only behind glass walls from roasting to the ready to eat chocolate bars, ganaches, bonbons, truffles and pralines. Ducasse’s taste for excellence, search of perfection and authenticity, back to the roots of the art that guarantees a sensual chocolaty experience.

Over 44 referencies that will be also available in Ducasse’s restaurants in Paris, Monaco and London.

La Manufacture de chocolat – Alain Ducasse

40, rue de la Roquette – 75011 Paris

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