Drive in

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Drive in

From June 10th to 21st, Grand Palais will reinvent the old fashion drive in but indoors. Under the 12 000 square meters glass dome, at night, seating in vintage Fiat 500 cars or on the artificial hill on a deckchair, a selection of classics will be screened. Back to the future, Dirty Dancing, Taxi Driver, American Graffiti, Pulp Fiction or Grease seating in a vintage car zipping a glass of champagne, the French touch!

On the side, other activities will be offered such as a giant roller-disco track, Dinners to enjoy a genuine hot dog by Canadian Chef Gita Seaton, a game arena with many vintage games such as Pong, Mario, Space Invaders and more events published day by day.

2 screenings a day at 9:00pm and 11:30pm, access to Grand Palais opened from 11:00am.

Early booking strongly adviced!

Cinéma Paradiso

Grand Palais, Paris

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