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In the constellation of the Costes brothers empire are many restaurants and trendy hang outs, from the super glamorous Hotel Costes, rue Saint Honoré where you will always bump into a French or international celebrity giving an inteview or having lunch or dinner with friends, to Le Murat, in the XVIth arrondissement, the canteen of the adjacent gated community to the rich and famous of France; Celine Dion, billionaires and former Président Sarkozy and super model wife Carla Bruni live there.

Every year they open new bars and restaurants as last month opened Le Café Français, on place de la Bastille. Finally a stylish hang out on that side of Paris!

Some of these glamourous places sometime become classics as the Etienne Marcel. Near rue Montorgueuil, in the center of Paris, Etienne Marcel opened some 10 years ago and ever since became the place to meet what Paris counts in terms of fashionistas, designers, trendy looking people, fashion bloggers and other victims.The place as any Costes restaurant has a very special design from the 70s. The district is packed with fashion shops, design show rooms and trendy vintage stores. Close to les Halles, the most important construction site in Paris right now, the very secret Palais Royal and some of the most beautifull old covered passages of Paris, The neighborhood became over the years one of the most important location in town when it gets to fashion and looks. Better have one! There, the oak eye of the experienced fashion victims will decrypt  and anatomize the slightest little detail of your shoes, hand bag and outfit!

So get ready and adjust your looks and your attitude. Here you come!

Etienne Marcel

64 rue Tiquetonne 75002 Paris

Price range: €€

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