Trendy Paris shopping

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Trendy Paris shopping

Globalisation has made anything available at any moment anywhere in the world. Not one city where you will not find your nearby Gap, Zara, your quick Abercrombie and Fitch fix not to mention Louis Vuitton, fake symbol of luxury manufactured under licence all over the world. When in Paris, you feel you have to enjoy a shopping time. It’s part of the legend of the capital of luxury and fashion. Of course, if you are not a member of the Europeen community, you will benefit a 12% tax refund which makes a significant difference on expensive goods. But if you are just looking for something to remember your Paris trip, a souvenir and a piece genuinely Parisian, ther is one place only where you can’t go wrong: Colette. The very first ulta trendy concept store in Paris opened in the mid 1990s on rue Saint Honoré in the center of Paris. The Louvre and the Tuileries gardens are within reach. The goal was to offer very exclusive, almost experimental trendy items, cosmetics, fragrances, fashion and more. On three levels, for now over 15 years, Colette offers the top selection of goods from very unexpensive souvenirs to scented candles and lounge records, rare fragrances, tee shirts ans sneakers, books and gadgets plus an super edgy fashion rack for both men and women, all exclusive to the store! Nothing you will find anywhere else! The lower level offer a water bar with snacks, pastries and a selection of spring water coming from all over the world. How trendy and exclusive!

An absolute must to fashionistas and visitors who want to get that ultra chic and edgy feeling of the very fashionable Paris all in one location. Pay attention to the details from packaging to sales assistants, at Colette every detail counts. You might bump into celeberities, fashion designers and for sure what Paris counts as fashion victims. A must see, must go, must shop!


213 rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris

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