Eclairs are the new macarons

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Eclairs are the new macarons

Macaroons are one of the specialties of Paris, actually the recipe with the ganache surrounded by the 2 crusts that we usually call a Gerbet but éclairs are now becoming very big in the pastry scene. Among all the pastry chefs who try to renew the tradition with a modern twist is one éclair expert: Christoph Adam.

Christophe Adam starts as an apprentice as he is 16 in Brittany , then moves to London to join the brigade of Gavroche (3*** in he Michelin guide). Back in France, he continues learning in some of the best establishments of Paris and Lausanne before reaching to the stars with the Crillon Palace and later Fauchon. In 2004, when new owner Michel Ducros decides to modernize the Fauchon aging institution, Adam will develop the concept of chic snacking and the new line of couture pastries and specially Eclairs.

 The oblong pastry made with choux dough filled with custard cream and topped with icing originates from the early 1800s under the name of « Petite Duchesse ». Soon very popular, the flavours were limited to chocolate, coffee sometimes vanilla. Thanks to the upcoming generation of pastry chefs such as Christophe Adam, Eclairs now come with an infinite range of flavors: mascarpone and salted butter, yuzu and lemon, orange and pistachio, rapsberry and passion fruit… The boring plain icing turns to couture decors and bright colors.

Adam glorifies the produces that the seasons bring in his new recipes as a fashion designer renewing the pleasures, he now offers to discover his collection in the heart of Le Marais in a colorful concept store together with a selection of chocolates and more to come!

Eclairs are definitely the new macarons!

L’Eclair de génie

Christophe Adam

14 rue Pavée 75004 Paris

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